What to expect from your new Hemp Sheets

Hemp has a very similar texture to linen. The heavy feeling of the natural fabric is calming and relaxing, making for a fully rejuvenating sleep. The long fibres of the hemp plant not only support the fabrics integrity, but also gives the fabric an unobtrusive textured feeling that, similar to flax linen, is buttery soft and improves with every use. Hemp is thermoregulating, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. You can rest consciously knowing your sheets are made using sustainable hemp fibres.

Are hemp sheets any different to my regular sheets? Yes! Hemp sheets are definitely different to any regular sheets that are currently on your bed! Hemp is better for the environment, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and moisture wicking. They are better quality and longer lasting. They don't break down with use, and are less susceptible to shrinkage or pilling. 

How will my hemp sheets age? Hemp is famed for it's strength and durability. If properly cared for, hemp will outlast most other fabrics on the market. You may notice slight differences between our organic hemp range and your previous sheet sets, especially if your previous set is made from fabrics that are heavily processed and mixed with synthetic fibres. We seek to ensure that your hemp sheets are long-lasting by not using heavy processing during production. However, this can leave the individual fibres slightly loose which can result in shedding of shorter fibres during use. This is completely normal and is nothing to be alarmed about. If these fibres do not release, pilling can occur on high use areas of the fabric. Again, this is normal for your natural hemp sheets - treat pilling accordingly by using a "defuzzer" device.