Tips on How to Make Your Easter More Sustainable

With Easter just around the corner it is probably likely chocolate has crossed your mind, and rightly so. With only a week to go and the chocolate buying frenzy beginning, we wanted to shed some light on the ethical concerns and carbon footprint that mass consumption of chocolate is having. Don’t get me wrong we all absolutely love getting a chocolate egg on Easter but we believe in trying to consume consciously. So here are our tips on how to have an Easter that is as good as it tastes. 

From palm oil, unethical sourced cocoa due to child labour and harmful working conditions, large amounts of non-recyclable packaging, mass amounts of harmful pesticides, tonnes of greenhouse gases and animal cruelty - mass consumption of dairy milk chocolate does have it’s negative. But you can try your best to make more positive choices by following these six simple tips. 

  1. Buy fair trade. 
  2. Buy organic.
  3. Buy non-waste and recyclable packaging. 
  4. Buy cruelty free and vegan. 
  5. Buy palm oil free and rainforest alliance.
  6. Recycle easter egg foil and cardboard packaging. 


Here are some of our favourite brands that tick many of these boxes and don’t compromise on taste.  

1. Loving Earth -

2. Pana Organic -

3. Treat Dreams -

4. KoKo Black -

Enjoy a guilt free Easter (well almost)!