Keeping warm through Winter and into Spring

Winter is well and truly here, and you have already survived the majority of it, however with some cooler temperature still ahead of us, we wanted to share our top 3 easy ways you can warm yourself up, particularly before bed. 

Hot beverages are a great way to warm your core body temperature at any time of the day, but particularly before bed. A beautiful herbal tea blend is a great non caffeine option which will also help you to relax and wind down from the day. 

Hot water bottles are one of our winter favourites, and one of the best things about winter in our opinion. Placing one of these in your bed prior to jumping in will help to make it super toasty, and warm you up too. 

Adding additional layers to your bed is an obvious one. However, how often do you end up sweating and feeling damp? Layering up your bed with blankets can be made comfortable by having hemp sheets on your bed too. The moisture wicking properties will help you to remain warm without the wet feeling.

Stay warm this winter and into spring with Hemp Sheets