What does the colour of your sheets say about you?

We spend one third of our lives in our bedroom and we are sure for many of you, your bedroom is about creating your own little sanctuary that reflects your personality. A large part of this sanctuary is centered around your bedding, selecting the right colours and tones that ultimately reflect the “feel” you are going for. But have you ever thought that maybe there is more to colour choice than what you think? This idea explores the psychology of colour, and it can actually tell you a lot about yourself. 

WhiteA crisp white set of sheets is a must for a lot of people. The colour white represents purity and simplicity. If you are the owner of white sheets you are likely to be a minimalist, and find joy in cleanliness. You are trying to create a blank canvas, letting other spaces in the room speak.

Natural: Natural tones represent protection and physical comfort. Generally people who select this tone are conservative yet sincere, and often look for everything in moderation. They do not prioritize themselves, and often look for balance. Creating the feeling of safety is above all else. 

Olive: Green tones, whether light or dark, represent balance and regrowth. Often associated with connecting with nature, if you have chosen olive sheets you're looking for renewed energy, possibly to be reborn through new or fresh beginnings. 

Blue: The colour blue represents calmness and peace. Creating the feeling of inner security, people who select this colour are looking for physical and mental relaxation. It is clear you are focused on creating a space that is stress free. 

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