How To: Reuse Your Hemp Bags

Reducing waste is at our core. Thats why each of our products come with a 100% organic hemp bag made from the offcuts of your sheets.

Of course you can use the bags to store your old sheets in your linen cupboard. 

But, if you are anything like us, these little bags have so much more potential and you want to make the most of them! So we have a few suggestions of how to re-use your hemp bags:

  1. Use them for your quick grocery store visit
  2. Use them to store you fresh fruit and veg for longer
  3. Use them to keep your reusable bag stash together 
  4. Use them as a a gift bag
  5. Store your makeup or nail polishes in them 
  6. Make potpourri - our favourite scent is coconut and lime!
  7. Up-cycle them - hemp bees wax wrap, or hemp scrunchie anyone?
  8. While you are on holidays, use them to keep your dirty clothes together

Now that we've given you some ideas, we want to hear from you! Post a photo of how you use your re-useable bags, tag us in the post. The most creative ideas will be sent a little reward!