Why Hemp?

Hemp Benefits

Hemp is becoming one of the most popular textiles worldwide due to its thin natural fibres creating comfort and durability. Along with its low impact on the environment there are so many other benefits of hemp that make our product the best bedding for your pleasure and the planet. 

Hemp is lightweight and breathable 

The thermoregulating characteristics of hemp keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Hemp fabric also does not hold onto moisture, so your sheets will never feel sticky or damp, and will be fresh every time you jump into bed. 

Hemp is naturally antibacterial

Hemp naturally repels pests and weeds, which means that no herbicides or pesticides are used in its production. Hemp is also resistant to harmful microbes such as mould and mildew, making our sheets perfect for those with allergies. 

Hemp is long lasting

One of the oldest and most durable textiles globally, hemp does not break down when washed and instead softens. That means you will still be sleeping perfectly in our sheets after many washes. 

Hemp is sustainable 

Hemp growth and productions requires a lot less water and land resources compared to many of our textile and sheet competitors. Additionally, hemp is carbon positive. Hemp absorbs a large amount of CO2 as it grows, and then traps this CO2 once its turned into a textile.

You don't need to feel guilty about sleeping in when you are sleeping on hemp sheets!